Alex & Teresa's Trattoria

Beer/Wine/Cocktails/Open 6 Days 

(Closed Mondays)

Dinner until 9pm, Fri & Sat 10pm



Homemade Pasta

Fresh, Homemade Pasta - Made to Order!

Everything fresh - always!

Tagliatelle al Funghi Porcini - fresh, homemade, gluten-free pasta in Cary, NC

Naples is famous for being the birth place of pizza and great food. Alex & Teresa put warmth into everything they do: their food, their customers, their lives. When you come to Alex & Teresa's Pizzeria & Trattoria, you are not just grabbing a slice or a dish of pasta, you are enjoying a meal.

Refreshing and Unique Salads


Chef Alberto, a native Napoletano, makes homemade, gluten-free ravioli.


All of Cary is Talking About Us...

"Best Italian in the Area."

 This is the best Italian restaurant in the area... Wonderful choices of Pizza and Pasta. So flavorful. Best wishes to this great family owned gem in Cary... 

"Real Italian. Finally."

 Real Italian finally!!!  Absolutely delicious!!! Owners family from Italy and they serve real food.  Simply the best Italian in this area.

"Fresh Off the Boat Italian."

This place is legit! Coming from NY we're super-picky when it comes to Italian food and there's a serious lack of authentic Italian cuisine here (there are 'good enough' places, but they're very Americanized). Alex & Teresa's is fresh off the boat Italian food! 

"The Slices Were Huge!"

The slices were huge and the char on the bottom and crust was crispy, crunchy heaven, with a good amount of oil and sauce dripping into the cheesy toppings.   Perfect crunch on a super-thin slice, and still a pocket of air in the bread that comes from someone who knows how to  toss the dough correctly. Outstanding technique.

"They Make Fresh Pasta!"

Everything is fresh, the focaccia bread is amazing, they make fresh pasta, and the sauces are so flavorful... the bolognese was delicious, lots of meat with the perfect amount of tomato and spices. Gnocchi was cooked perfectly! 

"I Tasted Everything."

I tasted everything, even though I'm gluten intolerant, bc it all looked so delicious I couldn't help myself. But I also had gluten free ricotta and spinach ravioli pomodoro and it was awesome! We were also offered these fried rice/cheese balls and potato thing that reminded me of a croquette... I inhaled them... SO YUM!!!!

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Delivery & Take-Out: call 919-377-0742

GLUTEN FREE ITEMS: Do you have dietary concerns? Drop us a line, and we'll let you know what options you have on our daily menu and also for our Catering menu. Every effort is made to make our Gluten free dishes separate from our other dishes, but we cannot guarantee 100% Gluten free food.

Alex & Teresa's Trattoria

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